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Exploring The Las Vegas You Have Never Heard About

When you ask anyone whats the first thing you think when you hear the words Las Vegas. Almost everyone will say sin city, the strip, night life, 24 7 party city or something along those lines. We are trained to think that way because thats how Las Vegas is marketed to the world. Whatever happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas. The truth is, there is a whole other world outside of the strip where you can seek out plenty of adventure without ever stepping foot in a casino. In this post we’ll look at 3 fun things to do in Las Vegas that have nothing to do with the strip.

The Hover Dam

The Hoover Dam which previously was called the Boulder Dam built in 1931 right on the border of Arizona and Nevada is truly an amazing site to see. You can take guided tours that go inside the Dam to give you an up close look at its gigantic construction that took the combine effort of thousands of men over years, sadly claiming the lives of many along the way. For more info on visiting, you can visit the official Hover Dam website.

Mt. Charleston

The absolute last thing most people think of when it comes to Las Vegas is snow, but that exactly what you will find on MT. Charleston. Unlike the sandy desert you see along Las Vegas, it is covered with lush green trees and provides great spots for hiking and camping for those looking to take a break from busy city life.

Desert Off Road Adventures

This one is not for the faint of heart. Desert Off Road Adventures will give you that adrenaline rush you have been searching or without ever steeping foot on the strip. They offer challenging courses that display the amazing Nevada landscape and provide visitors with expert racing advice.

Check out the video below that covers all 3 of the adventures I mentioned, plus a few more.