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Stand Up Paddleboard Adventure in Orlando

You might not think of Florida as a place where great surfers come from but did you know thats where Kelly Slater, 11 time world champion surfer is from?

As a surfer I have noticed the huge growth in the sport of paddleboarding over the last decade. If you are not familiar with the sport, picture an oversized surfboard that you paddle standing up with an ore instead of laying down like a traditional surf board. Due to its beginner friendly nature, stand up paddleboarding has become one of or the fast growing outdoor activities in the world. It also does not require waves like traditional surfing does because the large boards provide the stability that a normal surfer would get from a wave.

Wekiva Island SUP and Swim Eco Paddle adventure

There are a ton of options for paddleboarding in the Orlando area, but one really stood out to me which is Wekiva Island. With 50 million gallons of crystal clear water flowing through its natural preserve, they provide a truly unique experience filled with fun and adventure for the whole family.

Located only 45 minutes outside of the main Orlando attractions, Wekiva Island in their own words are a true secret spot for locals. There is a gentle current (around 2 mph) which gives guests of all skill level a great experience together. They offer private guided tours and group classes if needed. You don’t have to make a reservation which is really nice and they have plenty of rental boards on offer so you don’t have to bring your own unless you want to. If you are not confident enough to get on a stand up paddleboard, they also have canoes and kayaks. And if you just want to relax all day and not partake in the water activities they have a full bar and cafe with plenty of great food options. Check out the video below to see what you can expect if you plan to visit.

Common Injuries From Stand Up Paddleboarding and How To Treat Them

While stand up paddleboarding is generally a very safe sport, there are some people that can be prone to injury. The most common injuries in the sport are mostly the muscles of the shoulders and the rotator cuff muscles along with the lower back due to the repetitive paddling motion. The knees, ankles and feet are also very prone to strain and injury too aggressive paddleboarders. Most minor strains can be treated with ice and resting but in some cases there are those who need professional treatment for pain relief. A great option I found for PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) and Ozone Therapy is Health & Hope Institute. The founder of the institute, Dr. Claudia, is a very caring and thoughtful. I had a persistent pain in my shoulder due to so much paddling but after several treatments with PRP and Ozone I have felt a great reduction in the pain and sensitivity. Here office is actually located quite close to Wekiva Island in the greater Orlando area.

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Exploring The Las Vegas You Have Never Heard About

When you ask anyone whats the first thing you think when you hear the words Las Vegas. Almost everyone will say sin city, the strip, night life, 24 7 party city or something along those lines. We are trained to think that way because thats how Las Vegas is marketed to the world. Whatever happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas. The truth is, there is a whole other world outside of the strip where you can seek out plenty of adventure without ever stepping foot in a casino. In this post we’ll look at 3 fun things to do in Las Vegas that have nothing to do with the strip.

The Hover Dam

The Hoover Dam which previously was called the Boulder Dam built in 1931 right on the border of Arizona and Nevada is truly an amazing site to see. You can take guided tours that go inside the Dam to give you an up close look at its gigantic construction that took the combine effort of thousands of men over years, sadly claiming the lives of many along the way. For more info on visiting, you can visit the official Hover Dam website.

Mt. Charleston

The absolute last thing most people think of when it comes to Las Vegas is snow, but that exactly what you will find on MT. Charleston. Unlike the sandy desert you see along Las Vegas, it is covered with lush green trees and provides great spots for hiking and camping for those looking to take a break from busy city life.

Desert Off Road Adventures

This one is not for the faint of heart. Desert Off Road Adventures will give you that adrenaline rush you have been searching or without ever steeping foot on the strip. They offer challenging courses that display the amazing Nevada landscape and provide visitors with expert racing advice.

Check out the video below that covers all 3 of the adventures I mentioned, plus a few more.